Sergey Migin, Deputy Head of the Federal Service for accreditation, met with EC representatives

June 16, 2015

June 5, 2015


On June 2, 2015 the working meeting on interaction in the field of technical regulation between representatives of Russian authorities and business community and representatives of the European Commission took place at the World Trade Center, Moscow. The participants discussed progress achieved, shared their experience and put forward proposals, aimed at stimulation of cooperation.


The meeting was opened by Vladimir Salamatov, Director of World Trade Center. Among those addressing the meeting on the Russian side were Konstantin Leonidov, Director of the Department on policy in technical regulation and metrology of Ministry of industry and trade, Sergey Migin, Deputy Head of the Federal Service for accreditation and Andrey Lotsmanov, First Deputy Chairman of RSPP Committee on Technical Regulation, Standardization and Compliance Assessment. In his speech Sergey Migin made a brief review of the Russian accreditation system. In particular, he stressed that the Concept of forming of unified accreditation system of the Russian Federation, adopted by the Government (decree 1760-r, dated October 12, 2010), was based on the European mode, the cornerstone of which is the existence of  a single national accreditation authority. He also briefly described the road map on accession to the ILAC and IAF and plans to set up a Eurasian regional association of accreditation authorities. Apart from it he spoke on the progress achieved in the implementation of the "Approximation of European Union and Russian Federation accreditation systems" project and training of staff of the Federal Service for accreditation within framework of the project. "It is important to establish harmonized requirements, but far more important is to provide their correct implementation, and the correct implementation depends first of all on staff competence. For this very reason at this stage of the project we give the priority to training courses for our employees", - pointed out the Deputy Head of the Federal Service for accreditation.


Prezentation of Deputy Head S.Migin 02.06 ЦМТ