RusAccreditation joined interdepartmental paperless workflow with the use of electronic signatures

June 02, 2016

In May 2016, the Federal Service for accreditation successfully completed upgrading the electronic workflow system (EWFS).

The EWFS based on Russian Docsvision platform was introduced in RusAccreditation in 2013. Works on its upgrading were held from February to May.

Following the upgrading results, compliance of the EWFS of RusAccreditation with the requirements of the Ministry of Communications Order dated May 27, 2015 No. 186/258 and the implementation of the Resolution of the Russian Government dated December 25, 2014 No. 1494 were insured.

The EWFS updated platform enables exchange of documents, signed with a qualified electronic signature, in the system of interdepartmental electronic workflow of version 2.7.

“Electronic expedition” module upgrade, which was designed to track the status of the applicants submitted their documents to the RusAccreditation, was performed. The module was extended with function of applicant's identification as a natural or legal person, which allowed simplifying the procedure and reducing searching time spent by applicants.

Search results in “Electronic expedition” were supplemented with information about sending a response to the appeal and details of outgoing document.

Yuriy Butenko, Deputy Head of Department - Head of Information Technology Division of the Federal Service for accreditation: “As a result of the performed upgrade of the EWFS, its speed was significantly increased and functionality of the individual modules became more convenient and logical. Special attention should be paid to the update of interdepartmental electronic workflow: the transition to the new version 2.7 EWFM allowed us to increase the efficiency of paperless legally significant workflow with a qualified electronic signature. At high intensity of correspondence, for us it was particularly important to modernize the system without interruption of the operation”.