Results of meeting of working group on activities of interlaboratory comparison studies providers

December 07, 2018

On November 16, a meeting of the working group on the activities of interlaboratory comparison studies (ICS) providers at RusAccreditation Public Council chaired by Alla Kartashova, was held. More than 30 people attended the meeting, including representatives of the Federal Service for Accreditation, the National Accreditation Institute, ICS providers, and scientific and expert community.

There was an ample debate on a question of applying the Accreditation Criteria in terms of assessing the material and technical resources of ICS providers. The meeting participants drew attention to the specifics of ICS organization (cyclical nature of rounds, limited shelf life of reagents and materials, the use of sequential ICS schemes). It was suggested, when assessing testing laboratory equipment, to take into account the availability of technical records, procurement documents and other evidence that the provider used input materials and samples without requiring them to be available at the time of the field examination.

Also, the question of ICS providers' responsibility for the quality of the samples used during the testing process was brought up for the working group's discussion. The experts agreed that ICS provider's internal documents should contain criteria for assessing supplier competence, procurement procedure should be described, and procedures of experimental and/or document audit of the characteristics stated in the ICS program should be established.

National Accreditation Institute representative Elena Ilyina informed the working group about the preparation of guidelines to form the accreditation area of ICS providers using the Accreditation Area Configurator.

Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Accreditation Sergey Migin urged ICS providers' representatives to enhance the development of new ICS programs that are in demand on the market, widely covering the work on them.