Results of second meeting of working group on accreditation experts' activities

December 25, 2018

On December 17, a meeting of the working group on accreditation experts' activities at the RusAccreditation Public Council chaired by Head of the working group, expert Ksenia Ivanova, was held. More than 30 people attended the meeting, including representatives of the Federal Service for Accreditation, the National Accreditation Institute at RusAccreditation, and scientific and expert community.

At the opening of the meeting, Ksenia Ivanova summarized the working group's results in 2018. The working group prepared the following: draft recommendations on the design of accreditation areas of testing laboratories (centers); amendments to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 653 of July 14, 2014 ”On Approval of the Payment Assessment Method and the Maximum Payment for Examination of the Documents and Information Submitted by the Applicant, Accredited Party, and Onsite Examination of Compliance with the Accreditation Criteria by the Applicant, Accredited Party “; draft recommendations on formation and implementation of a plan for the participation of testing laboratories (centers) in interlaboratory comparative tests; proposals on formalisation of discrepancies revealed during field examinations of applicants and accredited parties.

Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Accreditation, Alexander Litvak, said that the methodological recommendations prepared with the active participation of the working group members on the design of accreditation areas of testing laboratories (centers) were approved and would be brought to the attention of accredited parties and accreditation experts. Now the National Accreditation Service has the right to adopt methodological recommendations that are binding upon the applicants and accredited parties.

The meeting participants discussed the development of scientific and methodological materials in accreditation experts' area, accreditation experts' topical issues, as well as a draft plan for working group’s activities in 2019. The next year's plan is to develop a standard for accreditation experts' work, draft recommendations for the unification of accreditation experts' training programs, and proposals on how to prepare and assess technical experts.