Results of meeting of standing committee on activities of testing laboratories (centers)

December 12, 2018

On November 30, a meeting of the standing committee on the activities of testing laboratories (centers) at RusAccreditation Public Council chaired by the head of the working group Olga Nikitina was held. More than 30 people attended the meeting, including representatives of the Federal Service for Accreditation, the National Accreditation Institute at RusAccreditation, scientific and expert community, and accredited organizations.

The issue of documents status on the results of instrument calibration was considered. The Head of working group for the accreditation experts at RusAccreditation Public Council Ksenia Ivanova reported on the problems encountered by testing laboratories, as well as experts in evaluating these laboratories' activities – identifying the replacement of certificates of instrument calibration with calibration certificates that are issued by accredited in the national accreditation system for the right of verification and calibration legal bodies, as well as by non-accredited.

Ksenia Ivanova also noted that in the calibration certificates submitted by testing laboratories the recommended calibration interval is often not indicated, there are no primary data – supplements, protocols, calibration tables, reports. In the meantime, these documents are later used as evidence of traceability, as a tool for assessing uncertainty. According to the speaker, applicants need to learn how to work with service providers, study the areas of accreditation of organizations that conduct examination and calibration, discuss the required set of documents in advance.

The issue of the absence of necessary information on test methods in the new harmonized standards was discussed. It was decided to send the relevant requests to Rosstandart.

The National Institute for Accreditation at RusAccreditation representative Svetlana Rudnitskaya reported on the development of methodological recommendations draft "Accreditation Guidelines. Filling the Accreditation Area of Testing Laboratory (Center)", which is scheduled for approval before the end of this year.

A collegial decision was made on the impracticality of adopting the national standard ISO/IEC: 17025 "General Requirements for Testing and Calibration Laboratories Competence", and on preparation of proposals of the committee on interstate standard.

The minutes of meeting of the standing committee on the activities of testing laboratories (centers) at RusAccreditation Public Council from November 30, 2018, will be available in the committee section in the near future.