For three quarters of 2016 RusAccreditation held 17 meetings of the Attestation Commission

October 10, 2016

From the beginning of the year in the qualifying examinations have been attended by 361 applicants for the title of accreditation expert, 44 candidates have passed the qualification examination, 8 of them have the experience in working as experts in accreditation, 36 - for the first time applied to inclusion in the Experts Accreditation State Registry.

This year, qualifying examinations for the accreditation experts candidates are held by the Federal Service for accreditation twice a month.

In accordance with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Order No. 289 dated 23.05.2014 “On approval of the requirements for accreditation expert and the rules of certification of accreditation expert”, the qualifying examination comprises three stages:

  • execution of the test on knowledge of legislation in the field of accreditation;
  • oral interview concerning the declared field of certification;
  • demonstration of skills of working in the Federal Public Information System of RusAccreditation (FPIS of RusAccreditation).

Chairman of the Attestation Commission Deputy Head of RusAccreditation Sergey MIGIN reported that, in general, acting experts passed the exam more successfully than applicants. “Averagely, every six experts successfully passed the test this year, and only one in nine applicants”, - he said. And he stressed that a significant number of existing experts, who still has not filed an application for the re-certification, still persists.