World Accreditation Day greetings from the Head of Federal Service for Accreditation Alexey Khersontsev

June 09, 2017


Dear participants of the accreditation system,

Today, on June 9, we celebrate the World Accreditation Day established by the International Laboratory Accreditation Organization (ILAC) and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) as the professional holiday.

It’s aimed to unite our broad professional community that includes representatives of both accredited parties and accreditation bodies, as well as assessors and experts and other accreditation specialists.

The tradition of the World Accreditation Day proves that accreditation institution and matters related to reassessment of conformity audit bodies are highly important for the development of global economy, entrepreneurship, and safe provision of works and services.

The accreditation institution is on the rise today. Modern development of economic affairs, science, and technology, as well as constantly growing complexity of requirements towards various areas of human life are creating increasing demand for new conformity assessment schemes, challenging accreditation bodies to meet the requirements of new technologies and making us think of accreditation forms that will be relevant in 10-15 years. However, even not getting that much ahead of time, I can tell you that during the next decades conformity assessment provided by a third-party will be in demand for different aspects of human life, which means that there will also be demand for assessment and reassessment of such third parties.

I wish all of us to keep up with the times, constantly changing, mastering new accreditation programs and assessment schemes, and setting new values forward to the market.

I would like to congratulate all the Russian and foreign colleagues on our professional holiday and wish all of us to keep improving our work, enhancing confidence in its results and feeling proud for what we do.