RusAccreditation representative participated in the Meeting of the CASCO Working Group

February 22, 2018


The regular meeting of the 49th Working Group of the Conformity Assessment Committee (CASCO) of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was held on 12-14 February 2018 in Geneva (Switzerland). This Working Group was created to develop a new edition of the ISO / IEC 17000 terminology standard, published in English, French and Russian, which are the ISO official languages. The representative of the Federal Service for Accreditation and the Deputy Head Sergey Migin participates in its work on a permanent basis.

The international standard ISO / IEC 17000 "Conformity assessment. Vocabulary and General Principles" is the basic terminology standard for the conformity assessment, the current version of which was adopted in 2004. It is assumed that the updated version of the document will contain more precise definitions of a number of fundamental concepts in the field of conformity assessment, which is also due to the development of new versions of standards over the last few years. Among them are the standards ISO / IEC 17011 “Conformity assessment. General requirements for accreditation bodies that accredit conformity assessment bodies" and 17025 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" which were also prepared by representatives of the Federal Service for Accreditation. The revised standard will include a number of new concepts, including definitions of independence and impartiality. The publication of the revised standard in Russian will encourage the increased regional cooperation among the countries of the Eurasian region in the field of the accreditation and conformity assessment.