Introduction of obligatory conformity confirmation requires testers and conformity appraisal experts' competency upgrading - Alexey Khersontsev

January 31, 2019

Alexey Khersontsev, the Head of RusAccreditation, participated in a «Results and Prospects of Construction Materials Industry Development. National Projects in Construction Industry» plenary session in «Domestic Construction Materials – 2019: Results, Challenges, Prospects» national industry forum on January 29. The head of the service devoted his speech to the question of testing centres and certification authorities being prepared to the introduction of obligatory requirements in construction industry.

According to Alexey Khersontsev, the technical regulation of the Eurasian economic union for construction products is lacking up to the present moment, the model of appraisal and confirmation of comformity to obligatory requirements is not finished. Also, it is important to research and implement new test methods and conformity confirmations schemes, to prepare the appropriate conformity appraisal infrastructure.

Declarations of conformity are registered by the Federal Service for Accreditation after the fact upon the application of a producer, a person entitled by the producer, or an importer or a vendor for declaring the batches of produce. Registration is conducted via the online declaration registration service. Currently, more than 2100 declarations of conformity on produce given are registered in RusAccreditation federal government information system. An amenability of applyers for inaccurate produce declaring if it is revealed by the market supervisory authority is provided for by Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses.

A quick analysis is demonstrating the high quality of declarations content in construction sphere.

The Head of RusAccreditation stressed the need to provide the competency of testing laboratories stuff and producers responsible for conformity confirmation procedures. Consequently, the RusAccreditation National Accreditation Institute together with the RUDN International Institute of Industry Economics Strategic Development has started the professional development programme in construction materials conformity appraisal.

RUDN has 9 new scientific laboratories which do researches and inventions in this sphere, and specifically a laboratory of composites in construction. The distance education is accompanied with training of practical skills of test performance. On January 25, the education of the first intake for «Practical questions of testing laboratories (centres) providing cement conformity appraisal operation» program finished. The RusAccreditation National Accreditation Institute is planning to set up educational programs on the wide list of constuction produce for all the industry.

Also the head of the service participated in the DCM–2019 20th specialized construction materials exhibition opening ceremony.