Launch of a joint project between RusAccreditation National Accreditation Institute and RUDN University on national accreditation system members’ advanced training

January 25, 2019

The project will test new educational technology and apply a unique approach encompassing both distance learning and practice in laboratories and R&D centers of RUDN University, which provides for the entire range of technology sciences training. The project gives rise to the creation of a single educational platform of the national accreditation system being designed in the RusAccreditation National Accreditation Institute.

This was announced by Alexey Khersontsev, the Head of the Federal Service for Accreditation, on January 21st, during a signing ceremony for a cooperation agreement between RusAccreditation National Accreditation Institute and RUDN University, also attended by Vladimir Filippov, the Rector of the University. The agreement was signed by Evgeniya Kotova, the General Director of RusAccreditation National Accreditation Institute, and Evgeny Schesnyak, First Vice-Rector of RUDN University.

According to Alexey Khersontsev, only in the first six months of 2019, the agreement implementation will include over 20 joint further-education programs on practical activities of testing laboratories (centers) assessing the adequacy of various types of products (construction materials, lubricants, oils and specialty liquids, heat insulators, food products).

Trainees of the educational programs will use the distance-learning system of RusAccreditation National Accreditation Institute, which is part of the single educational platform of the national accreditation system. The trainees’ practice will be arranged in laboratories and R&D centers of RUDN University featuring up-to-date equipment and software, under the guidance of highly qualified teachers of RUDN’s International Institute of Sectoral Economy Strategic Development.

The proposed way to organize the formation of competences will help the transition from the conventional attitude towards education to the idea of continuing education. The educational project is not only focused on maintaining the competences of the participants of the national accreditation system – but it also to be helpful to national producers and exporters.

During a working meeting prior to the signing ceremony, Alexey Khersontsev and Vladimir Filippov discussed possible prospects for the future cooperation of the Federal Service for Accreditation and RUDN University, with reference to the objective to support export of Russian goods and services assigned to RusAccreditation as part of the International Cooperation and Export national project. Adel Lebedeva, Director for Educational Programs of the RusAccreditation National Accreditation Institute, noted that projects on development of reference product samples in order to evaluate the skills of lab techs engaged in testing for conformity assessment were also scheduled to be launched soon. This approach to interaction makes it possible to apply scientific breakthroughs aimed at further improvement of the universal recognition to the operation of the national accreditation system.

On the signing day, the RusAccreditation National Accreditation Institute together with the RUDN International Institute for Sectoral Economy Strategic Development, supported by RusAccreditation, launched an advanced integrative training program “Practical Aspects of the Activities of Testing Laboratories (Centers) Engaged in the Conformity Assessment of Cements”.

Upon mastering the advanced training program, trainees receive a standard-issue certificate of advanced training.

RUDN University is a unique multi-disciplinary university, a major internationally-oriented educational and scientific center, widely known in the world for its achievements in organizing the educational process, scientific research, and international relations. It is among the winners of the competition for state support under the Project 5-100 (a project to increase the competitiveness of leading Russian universities among the world's leading research and educational centers).

It has ten institutes, six faculties, the Engineering Academy, and a branch in Sochi There are 205 laboratories and centers operating in RUDN University at the moment, it has received 708 patents. Scientists, doctoral students, graduate students, masters of RUDN conduct research on the entire complex of basic and applied sciences. The latest equipment provides innovations in the field of organization, content, technology and the results of the educational process and scientific activities, including interdisciplinary research. Modern instrument base provides a qualitatively new educational technology.