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October 24, 2016

Russian certificates of compliance will be recognized abroad. Already in 2017 Test reports issued in Russia may gain recognition abroad. For our exporters, it will remove one of the main barriers to new markets, and consumers will be less likely to purchase unsafe products.

For this purpose, the Federal Service for accreditation responsible for operation of testing laboratories and certification bodies must become a member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and International Accreditation Forum (IAF), which manages certification bodies based on laboratory tests.

Membership in the ILAC and IAF is a guarantee that our accreditation system operates in accordance with international standards

Rosaccreditation’s application is under consideration in the IAF, and to join the ILAC, first, it is necessary to join the regional accreditation. Russian and the CIS countries are the only region, which does not have such union, that is why we will join Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC). According to the information obtained by “RG”, its delegation comes to Russia and on November 14 starts assessment of our accreditation system.

Membership in the ILAC and IAF is, first of all, a guarantee that our accreditation system operates in accordance with international standards, Head of Department of International Commerce of Higher School of Corporate Management (HSCM) RANEPA, Chairman of the Public Council under the Rosaccreditation Vladimir Salamatov explains. These very guarantees give the right for recognition of the accreditation results of the national certification bodies and testing laboratories in member states of the ILAC and IAF. And in case of signing of bilateral agreements – recognition of compliance assessment results, which means recognition of compliance certificates for products and test reports issued by our bodies.

3.4 thousand fraud and unqualified certification bodies and laboratories are withdrawn from the market

As a result, exporters will get rid of the need to re-certify compliance. This will reduce their costs. And consumers will have more grounds for believing that the certificate does confirm the fact of laboratory testing conduction and product safety.

Recognition of the Russian compliance assessment system abroad will happen not only definitely, but very soon, Vladimir Salamanov assured. “It took many countries 5-10 years or more to pass the procedure of international recognition in the field of accreditation. We plan to address this issue till 2018, he said. – Today we can tell that the system of qualified assessment of certification bodies and testing laboratories competence have been generally established”.

Rosaccreditation, in fact, began to establish order in this market from scratch, and within 4 years far advanced in the implementation of international standards, Vice-president, Head of the Commission on Accreditation of “Opora Rossii” Marina Bludyan believes.

“Other countries begun to revise their conformity assessment systems, because they had them, and what we had, actually was a profanation, - she says. - Certificates were sold without any actual tests performed. Now, the accredited persons (testing laboratories and certification bodies – editor’s note) at least clearly know the rules of the game, what they need to strive for. Plus, open register of accredited persons, certificates and declarations was established, that makes the system transparent, which allows judging in what actually the laboratory is engaged. If it issues over 1,000 test reports within a month, it is an alarm sign. If the certification body issues over 500 certificates, it is a sign of the need for inspection.

Rosaccreditation is engaged in approximately the same “debris removal” as the Bank of Russia has in the bank area. From 2014, 2,712 certification bodies and 730 laboratories left the market. Now Rosaccreditation with the participation of the Public Council is preparing amendments to the law aimed at closing loopholes used by fraud certification bodies, Salamatov told.

“I think that we can expect a good result based on the APLAC assessment results, - Marina Bludyan believes. – I do not think that there will be no remarks, it is normal. The main thing is that observers will see, how carefully Rosaccreditation deals with assessment of laboratories, and will understand that this body can be trusted”.

Igor Zubkov

// Rossiyskaya Gazeta