The Institute of Accreditation Experts is being improved

March 14, 2017

The Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Accreditation Aleksandr Litvak in his interview to the "Quality Control of Products" magazine spoke about the formation of the institute of assessors in Russia as well as about the interaction of the Federal Service for Accreditation with experts.

"This year, an important point for accreditation experts is termination, on July 1, 2017, of a three-year transition period for re-certification in accordance with Article 30 No. 412-FZ "On accreditation with the national accreditation system" that was introduced in order to ensure that the experts who worked previously could join the new system. A few months are left until the termination of the transition period", noted Aleksandr Litvak in the interview and he also answered the questions of the magazine about the progress of the re-certification, the requirements for experts who confirmed their qualifications, and also the changes in the normative legal base concerning the functioning of the institute of assessors in our country.


// Product Quality Inspection, 03/2017

Strengthening of the Institute of Accreditation Experts