Admission to Testing Laboratories Practical Activities Professional Development Program is open

March 11, 2019


The RusAccreditation National Accreditation Institute jointly with RUDN University and with RusAccreditation support is launching an additional in-service training program “Practical Issues of Performance of Testing Laboratories (Centers). Accreditation Criteria in the National Accreditation System. General Requirements to the Competence of Testing Laboratories”.

The educational program is mainly aimed at ensuring the competence of accreditation experts and specialists of testing laboratories (centers).

The program will pay special attention to legislative changes in the area of accreditation, provisions for transfer to ISO/IEC 17025:2017, working with digital services of RusAccreditation, and matters of application of the policy regarding calibration uncertainties, the policy regarding qualification assessment by means of interlaboratory comparison studies, and the policy regarding metrological traceability in the work testing laboratories (centers).

The trainees will be able to independently actualize necessary basic knowledge, study specially developed materials and take tests on the single educational platform of the National Accreditation System.

Intramural classes will take place on lecturing sites of the RUDN International Institute of Sectoral Economy Strategic Development. In order to build practical skills in meeting accreditation criteria requirements, trainees will be offered cases including situational tasks adapted to the real-time performance of testing laboratories (centers). The number of attendees is limited.

Upon mastering the professional development program, trainees receive a standard-issue certificate of advanced training.

For detailed information and Applying for the course please refer to the program website.

Contact information: +7(915) 477-63-54,