Congratulations on World Accreditation Day!

June 15, 2015

June 9, 2015

Dear colleagues, participants of accreditation system!


On June 9 the World Accreditation Day is celebrated all over the globe. This date unites all those who anyway deals with ensuring quality and safety of goods, whose activities create mutual trust among the participants of the global market.

Currently, Russian accreditation system is going through one of the most complicated stages of development when all its participants not only have to meet constantly changing challenges of the market, but prove their right to work under new conditions as well. The future of accreditation in Russia in many respects depends on how successfully and timely we’ll manage to solve this task. I sincerely hope that by united efforts we’ll manage to overcome the existing difficulties and create all necessary conditions to make the Russian accreditation system globally recognized.

I would like to cordially congratulate accreditation experts, accredited entities, the staff of Federal Accreditation Service and all other persons concerned on the occasion and to wish stability in work, continuous professional progress, all success in business and mutual trust.  

Best regards,

Savva V. Shipov, Head of Federal Accreditation Service