Happy New Year to all the participants of the accreditation system!

December 30, 2016


Dear participants of the accreditation system!

On behalf of all staff members of RusAccreditation I would like to congratulate you on the upcoming New Year!

RusAccreditation began operations five years ago on completely new principles and since then the Russian accreditation system has undergone tremendous changes and now is operating as a fully unified national system. It is based on a solid modern platform, created in accordance with international standards, the processes have the necessary regulatory system and law enforcement practice affords to regulate procedures.

The participants of the system have done much to initiate the reform as well as to put global processes and ideas into practice. All the planned  stages of the reform have been successfully implemented. Thousands of accredited entities and assessors have confirmed their compliance with the new requirements and they are working in good faith according to the established standards.

The coming year will certainly bring new challenges and we have a lot to do in order to ensure reliable operation of conformity assessment market. But looking back over the past 2016, I want to resume that joint efforts of members of the national accreditation system, RusAccreditation staff and our colleagues from the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation have created the conditions for the recognition of the results of the activities of the accredited entities by the partner countries of the Russian Federation. We look in 2017 with confidence and we hope that in the nearest future the goal to achieve the international recognition crucial for the export of Russian goods and for strengthening the international trade ties will be solved.

I would like to cordially wish you in the New Year prosperity, successful completion of the beginnings, professional achievements and recognition.


Head of the Federal Service for accreditation

Alex Khersontsev