Positive dynamics of those who passed the exam as the main result of the RusAccreditation Attestation Commission meeting

February 08, 2017

Such an opinion was expressed by the Chairman of the Attestation Commission, Deputy Head of RusAccreditation Sergey Migin, following the results of the meeting of the Attestation Commission of the Federal Service for Accreditation on February 2.

16 accreditation expert claimants and 3 accreditation experts participated in the qualifying exam.

Based on the results of the test task on legislation in the field of accreditation, 5 accreditation expert claimants and 3 accreditation experts were admitted to an oral interview on the issues within the declared field.

2 accreditation expert claimants and 2 accreditation experts were recognized as having successfully passed the qualification examination.

Commenting on the course of the exam, Sergey Migin also underlined that "special attention has been always paid to conceptual skills and the ability of experts to formulate discrepancies." This indicator in many cases determines the result of the exam.