Accreditation: Approaching the Goal

February 12, 2019

The February issue of the Kontrol Kachestva Produktsii (Product Quality Control) journal featured a special inset of the Federal Service for Accreditation. RusAccreditation informs readers on the major changes to federal laws and the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation adopted on July 29, 2018, by the Federal Law No. 262-FZ “On Amending the Federal Law “On Accreditation in the National Accreditation System” and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on Improvement of the Accreditation Procedure”. The changes concern activities of accredited persons, procedures of rendering public services in the area of accreditation, and measures of state control. Some of the amendments entered into force starting the date of publication of the law, some in 90 days following the date, and the others on January 27, 2019.


// Product Quality Inspection, 2/2019

«Accreditation: Approaching the Goal»